Our Guide to Choosing the Best Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Body wash is a very popular choice when it comes to cleaning your skin. However, if you have sensitive skin you need to be more cautious when selecting a body wash. Body wash is a liquid soap that is primarily used for cleaning the body and freshening up. Many people prefer using body wash rather than using bar soap since body wash can be less irritating to the skin. Unlike soap, body wash does not leave a mineral residue on the skin.

Choosing Body Wash for Sensitive Skin 

The best way to choose body wash for sensitive skin is to read the list of ingredients. If you come across an  ingredient that is known to cause irritation, then it is best to avoid that product. make some research on that particular ingredient that causes the problem. This is one ideal means to know which brands or formulas to avoid.

If you want to avoid harsh chemicals then consider using a natural organic body wash. Organic products  are generally free from harsh chemicals and ingredients. Make it a habit to read the label to ensure that you are completely familiar with the product you are using. If you use an organic body wash, the risk of skin irritation will be greatly reduced.

Some Ingredients to be Avoided 

When searching for a quality body wash for your sensitive skin, it is best to choose a product that is fragrance free. Many people with sensitive skin have a negative reaction to the fragrances that are commonly found in body washes. Fragrances can contain alcohol and oil, and both of these ingredients can cause skin irritation.

It is also best to choose a body wash that is colorless and free of dyes. There are numerous products out there that contain artificial dyes colors that are meant to complement the artificial scent in the product. If your skin is sensitive to dyes, you will likely experience a negative skin reaction.

You should also avoid body wash that contains strong antibacterial ingredients since these tend to irritate the skin. Look for a body wash that lacks harmful preservatives added just to extend the shelf life of the product. A natural body wash is a great choice, even though the shelf life is significantly less than those with artificial preservatives added. You’ll be left with clearer and smoother skin without those nasty and unwanted side effects.

Shopping for body wash for sensitive skin requires caution and awareness and a bit more planning. There is a plethora of brands to choose from out there, but you’ll need to be cautious in choosing a body wash when you have sensitive skin. Do some research and find brand that can give your skin what it truly deserves. The right choice of body wash will benefit you in various ways and one major benefit is ideal skin health. Asbury Apothecary’s Calendula and White Grapefruit Body Wash is one that is free from dyes, perfumes and preservatives, and has been designed for people with sensitive skin.

Never compromise when it comes to skin health and safety. And if you have sensitive skin, then shop around for a body wash that suits your skin type and doesn’t cause irritation.

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