Eat These Five Foods For Healthy Skin

One of the benefits of adopting nutritious diet is a visible improvement in skin health. As we age, we are faced with many different skin conditions like sun damage, wrinkles, dry skin and more. A healthy diet is necessary to keep your skin looking healthy. Although some medical professionals discount the essential connection between nutrition and skin health, there is still strong evidence that healthy food choices can improve the vibrancy and overall health of the skin.

The Importance of Nutrition for Healthy Skin 

Nowadays, most of us have the desire to look great both inside and out. What we eat matters. What we eat affects each and every organ in our body. And the largest organ in our body is the skin. Getting proper nutrition is of absolute importance to maintain healthy skin. Though it is impossible to prevent or stop the process of skin aging, good nutrition can help you maintain healthy skin and an ideal complexion.

Five Foods for Healthier Skin

Our skin needs essential nutrients to maintain its moisture and elasticity. You can get these essential nutrients through taking supplements and through a healthy diet. Here are some of the best foods for your skin. Eat these five foods for healthy skin and to maintain that healthy glow:

Citrus Fruits 

Green grapes, lemons, oranges and many other citrus fruits are proven to be extremely beneficial for your skin. These foods are loaded with amino acids and Vitamin C that keeps collage active and making the skin look hydrated and fresh. These foods are highly recommended for individuals with dark patches and oily skin.


Eating tomato-based foods like tomato juice and tomato sauce helps in clearing up acne. Lycopene, a phytochemical that makes tomatoes red, helps in lowering the acne-promoting hormone. Lycopene in tomatoes also helps in defending the skin against UV rays. Tomatoes contain antioxidants that fight free radicals resulting from excessive exposure to the sun. Adding tomato-based foods in your diet is recommended to achieve healthier skin.


Cabbages contain Vitamin C, which acts as anti-aging nutrient and helps damaged tissues to heal. Cabbages also play an essential role in minimizing deep lines. Cabbage is also loaded with Vitamin A that helps in smoothing and preventing fine lines.


Strawberries are packed with anti-aging Vitamin C. Studies revealed that individuals who consume foods loaded with Vitamin C have fewer age-related skin problems and wrinkles than those individuals who do not. Vitamin C is known to fight free radicals that are known to damage the cells and break down collagens which results to fine lines. For better hydrated and smoother skin, eat strawberries.

Brown Rice 

If you notice the packaging of many skin products, you are likely to see an ingredient called ceramides. These are lipid molecules that  are found in brown rice help maintain the skin’s moisture. When you consume naturally-occurring ceramides, these are incorporated on the skin’s outer layer and helps in maintaining its hydration.

If you want to look good as well as  feel good, make sure that you get the proper nutrition for healthy skin. Keep in mind that ideal nutrition plays a vital role in better skin health.

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Body wash is a very popular choice when it comes to cleaning your skin. However, if you have sensitive skin you need to be more cautious when selecting a body wash. Body wash is a liquid soap that is primarily used for cleaning the body and freshening up. Many people prefer using body wash rather than using bar soap since body wash can be less irritating to the skin. Unlike soap, body wash does not leave a mineral residue on the skin.

Choosing Body Wash for Sensitive Skin 

The best way to choose body wash for sensitive skin is to read the list of ingredients. If you come across an  ingredient that is known to cause irritation, then it is best to avoid that product. make some research on that particular ingredient that causes the problem. This is one ideal means to know which brands or formulas to avoid.

If you want to avoid harsh chemicals then consider using a natural organic body wash. Organic products  are generally free from harsh chemicals and ingredients. Make it a habit to read the label to ensure that you are completely familiar with the product you are using. If you use an organic body wash, the risk of skin irritation will be greatly reduced.

Some Ingredients to be Avoided 

When searching for a quality body wash for your sensitive skin, it is best to choose a product that is fragrance free. Many people with sensitive skin have a negative reaction to the fragrances that are commonly found in body washes. Fragrances can contain alcohol and oil, and both of these ingredients can cause skin irritation.

It is also best to choose a body wash that is colorless and free of dyes. There are numerous products out there that contain artificial dyes colors that are meant to complement the artificial scent in the product. If your skin is sensitive to dyes, you will likely experience a negative skin reaction.

You should also avoid body wash that contains strong antibacterial ingredients since these tend to irritate the skin. Look for a body wash that lacks harmful preservatives added just to extend the shelf life of the product. A natural body wash is a great choice, even though the shelf life is significantly less than those with artificial preservatives added. You’ll be left with clearer and smoother skin without those nasty and unwanted side effects.

Shopping for body wash for sensitive skin requires caution and awareness and a bit more planning. There is a plethora of brands to choose from out there, but you’ll need to be cautious in choosing a body wash when you have sensitive skin. Do some research and find brand that can give your skin what it truly deserves. The right choice of body wash will benefit you in various ways and one major benefit is ideal skin health. Asbury Apothecary’s Calendula and White Grapefruit Body Wash is one that is free from dyes, perfumes and preservatives, and has been designed for people with sensitive skin.

Never compromise when it comes to skin health and safety. And if you have sensitive skin, then shop around for a body wash that suits your skin type and doesn’t cause irritation.

A Quick Guide To Taking Supplements for Healthy Skin

What you put inside your body is just as important to your skin as what you put on the surface. One of the consequences of a terrible diet is that is shows up on your face. We here at Asbury Apothecary firmly believe that there is nothing better than a healthy diet when it comes to having radiant skin. But if you want a little boost, then one good option is taking supplements for healthy skin. There is a lot of press around the power of supplements in terms of giving individuals healthier and more radiant skin. There has been quite a bit of research done around supplements that show supplements can have a great benefit on the skin. These supplements are usually composed of specific ingredients that create a significant difference on how your skin feels and looks.

When you combine a healthy diet with a carefully planned supplement routine, you can give your skin that healthy glow. If you are sick and tired of having ashy and dull skin, get your diet in shape and incorporate into your daily routine some common supplements for healthy skin. There are loads of supplements to choose from and here’s a few of our highest recommended supplements to take if you want a healthy glow:


Biotin is usually found in foods like bananas and peanut butter. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is a water soluble B vitamin (Vitamin B7) that supports the skin, digestive tract, nerves and metabolism. Biotin supplements can actually be used to encourage ideal nail growth and minimize hair loss. Aside from keeping the skin healthy and full of glow, biotin supplements also treats many other conditions. Our Biotin 5000 offers 5,000 mcg of Biotin per serving.


This is one of the most highly in demand and best-selling supplements available in the market today. The Omega-3 fatty acid is vital for healthy and youthful skin. Omega-3 has many other amazing health benefits aside from skin care. Omega-3 is commonly found in fatty fishes such as mackerel, sardines and salmon. This helps in regulating oil production and keeping the skin moist and hydrated.

Omega-3 also plays a big role in delaying the aging process of the skin and preventing wrinkles. Studies revealed that a particular Omega-3 type found mainly in fish oils aids in blocking the release of some ultraviolet-induced enzymes responsible for eating away at the skin’s collagen resulting to sagging skin and lines. Our Chilean Omega-3 8060 is a pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 which offers 800 mg of the fatty acid EPA and 600 mg of the fatty acid DHA.


Resveratrol is a known member of the plant compounds group called polyphenols. These have antioxidant properties that protect the body from damages that are linked to heart disease and cancer. Resveratrol is commonly found in red grape skin as well as berries and peanuts. Because of the amazing health benefit of resveratrol, many manufacturers have capitalized on these and are now selling resveratrol supplements. Effective skin care is one of the biggest benefits of resveratrol.

Preliminary studies revealed that resveratrol can fight damages to the skin triggered by ultraviolet rays. This also protects skin against aging when directly applied to the skin. Both our Super Skin Essentials Formula and our Superfruit Antioxidant Formula are formulated with resveratrol for healthy looking skin.


These are plant-derived ceramides equivalent, a known lipid that can keep the skin plump and hydrated. Phytoceramides supplements are mainly derived from wheat. Ceramides are naturally found in foods most commonly in wheat flour. Phytoceramides supplements help promote youthful-looking skin as well as healthier skin hydration. Our Phytoceramides supplement will be making its debut later this summer.

Of the numerous supplements out there today, these supplements for healthy skin can guarantee you with pleasant results. For a younger and healthier skin all over, choose the best supplement for your skin care routine and make sure to take it on a regular basis.

The Healthy Benefits of Vitamin C Skin Care

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that plays a big role in maintaining healthy skin and a healthy body. Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C has many important roles to play in our bodies. Vitamin C is water soluble and not stored in the body. Since the human body eliminates water soluble vitamins through urine, we need to consume Vitamin C on a regular basis. Ideal sources of Vitamin C in our diets include limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, bell peppers and more.

Vitamin C is a very popular supplement. We take it when we are sick. We take it when we are healthy. But it can also be applied topically to the skin. Topical Vitamin C skin care products have been shown to protect your skin from the damage caused by the sun. It encourages the production of collagen, which is the major structural protein of the skin. Vitamin C is needed for tissue repair and growth. The enormous benefits provided by Vitamin C are one of the reasons that makes this vitamin even more popular. Some of the benefits of Vitamin C skin care products include:

Maintains Resilient and Healthy Skin

It has been proven that Vitamin C plays essential role in maintaining resilient and healthy skin. When we are young, out skin is loaded with Vitamin C. However, when we age our skin naturally loses essential nutrients over time. Exposure to environmental factors such as UV rays, cigarette smoke and air pollution can cause photo-aging in the skin. This can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and to the more serious skin conditions like skin cancer. Topical Vitamin C skin care products such as Asbury Apothecary’s Vitamin C Antioxidant treatment system can provide up to eight times the skin’s natural protection from UV damage. This helps in combating and reversing the effects of time on your face.

Helps Fight Wrinkles

One powerful and beneficial function of Vitamin C is collagen production. Collagen provides the skin with elasticity. As people age, collagen tends to breakdown and unwanted wrinkles start to form. Stabilizing the Vitamin C levels in the skin helps in counteracting wrinkle formation through increased collagen production. Asbury Apothecary’s Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum combines Arginine with Vitamin C to help boost collagen production in your skin, which helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduces Age Spots

You don’t always need lasers and chemical peels to treat age spots. It has been proven that Vitamin C can deliver similar results. Age spots are the result of oxidative damage caused by overexposure to the sun. And Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant proven to reduce the number sunburned cells in your skin. Vitamin C also helps to reverse some age-related damage to the skin. Although this is not a replacement for the common sunscreen, essential vitamin C protects the skin against damage and repairs UV damages such as fine lines and discoloration. Using Vitamin C and sunscreen together can provide an almost complete photo protection from the sun.

Many people don’t get the recommend daily allowance of Vitamin C in their diet. Taking supplements can ensure that you are getting the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. Ideally, topical Vitamin C skin care products should be incorporated into your daily skin care regimen.

In any type or form, Vitamin C delivers powerful and effective antioxidant protection safeguarding the skin from oxidative damage. Vitamin C prevents oxidative damage by neutralizing free radicals. The free radicals are those rogue and pesky molecules that contribute to premature aging. It is nearly impossible to escape the environmental factors that contribute to premature aging. And this is where Vitamin C comes in handy.

If you want to help combat the signs of premature aging, then don’t underestimate the power and the benefits of Vitamin C skin care. Vitamin C is recognized as ultimate skincare superstar that helps in achieving healthier, more radiant and younger looking skin.

The Importance of Exfoliation

Giving your skin that healthy glow all begins with keeping an ideal care regimen. Proper exfoliation is a method that should not be overlooked if you really want your skin to be fresh and youthful. Exfoliation involves eliminating the dead skin layers on the surface in order to reveal the more youthful and healthier skin underneath. Exfoliation must be done at least once or twice a week depending on the skin type and the method of exfoliation.

The Importance of Exfoliation

Exfoliation isn’t a difficult process. You can completely eliminate the dead skin cells on the surface to reveal the brighter and smoother skin underneath in a very short time. Exfoliating the skin takes only few minutes of your time but the benefits it provides can be long term. Although the skin sheds the dead skin cells naturally on its own, exfoliation can give this process a boost, especially when natural process of skin shedding slows down due to clogged pores and if your skin is either excessively oily or dry.

The Importance of Exfoliation on a Regular Basis

Your skin care regimen might consist of moisturizing, cleansing or slathering on a branded sunscreen. But if you are not regularly exfoliating, your skin won’t have that cleaned and polished glow. As people age, the cell regeneration process slows down. Our skin slows down the process of shedding skin cells and generating new ones. When the older skin cells begin collecting on the skin’s surface, your skin starts looking dry, rough and dull. Dead skin cells on the surface can build up over time, and this can lead to excessive oil and clogged pores. And that can lead to skin problems such as adult acne and skin blemishes.

When you exfoliate on a regular basis, this eliminates the dead skin cell barriers the clogs the skin and uncover the new and fresh cells beneath. Exfoliation lets your moisturizer penetrate deeply into the skin. Incorporating regular exfoliation into your skincare regimen makes your skin not only look healthier but will make your skin healthier over time.

Exfoliation helps prevent your pores from clogging, which helps prevent skin conditions like adult acne from flaring up. Gentle exfoliation can also help acne scars to gradually fade over time. Exfoliating can also help iron out wrinkles and fine lines. When skin is properly exfoliated, serums and moisturizers will work at their best.

The most ideal type or process of exfoliation depends on a person’s health, complexion and skin sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin or existing skin conditions like adult acne, it is important to choose the most suitable exfoliating products and methods more carefully. Asbury Apothecary makes a Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cream that has been specially designed with sensitive skin in mind. The exfoliation is ground into a very fine grain that sits in a deep moisture base. The exfoliator gently polishes the skin without leaving your skin red and irritated.

The importance of exfoliation can never be underestimated. Not everyone exfoliates, but it is something that you should do on a regular basis to maintain smooth and healthy skin. Find the right time of day to exfoliate your skin and stick with it. If you exfoliate regularly, your skin with be more radiant, more beautiful or handsome, and most important: healthy. You can also enjoy increased self confidence knowing that you look good – from the inside out.

How To Shave – Simple Ways to Get the Best Shave

Shaving is one of those rituals that many of us do on a regular basis. Shaving is a convenient method of hair removal for both men and women. There are multiple areas on the skin that can be shaved, and a slew of instruments and products that can be used. Many of us do it, but not everyone knows how to shave.

The right shaving techniques, quality shaving products and post-shaving skincare can help men and women look and feel both clean and fresh. If you know how to shave, then you can turn this chore into a pleasurable morning ritual.

If you want the best shave, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the right razor. There are many razors available that you can use when shaving but make sure that you choose the one with added precision. Don’t skimp on cost. Cheap razors can wreak havoc on your skin.
  • Do the necessary pre-shave routine. Wash the face or any particular area that you wanted to shave. Use a high-quality cleanser, such as Asbury Apothecary’s Facial Cleanser from the Vitamin C Antioxidant line. Apply a high-quality shave cream, such as Asbury Apothecary’s Moisturizing Shave Cream.
  • Hold the razor correctly. Depending on the type of razor you are using, there are ways you need to follow as to how you should hold a razor the proper way. If you hold the razor properly, then you can expect a smooth shave. Applying much pressure when shaving is not recommended, since this can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Shave in the right direction. During first pass, try to shave with grain. This means you need to shave downward, in the direction that your hair grows. If you’d like an even closer shave, then shave against grain or shave in the opposite direction that your hair grows.
  • Shave the face or any desired area until smooth. It takes several passes to capture all the hair on the small perforations of the razor head. It pays to be patient when going over a particular area. You also need to keep in mind that it is not right to put excessive pressure on the razor when shaving.
  • Do the post-shave routine. Wash you face with facial scrub and clean and warm water. Washing the face after shaving helps to slough all dead skin that may have accumulated within the shave. Rinse the face with clean and cold water because this helps in soothing the newly-cut mug. Pat dry and then moisturize. Asbury Apothecary has a Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cream that does the trick.
  • Rinse and clean your blade after use. Remove any build up or hair that has accumulated during the shaving process. This helps eliminate minerals and contaminants in the water that dry into the blades and makes it blunt. And who wants to shave with a blunt razor?

Some men and women just shave for the purpose of shaving. They do not realize that it is highly imperative to follow the guidelines on how to shave correctly. Shaving is an essential hygienic activity that needs to be done with precision and adaptation of proper procedures. Proper precaution should also be considered if you have acne and you are planning to shave. There are necessary techniques to follow when shaving so that you acne will not get worse. We’ll talk about that in another post. Shaving is something that is done on regular basis, and both men and women are educated on how to shave the correct way. Your skin will thank you.

Try Drinking Herbal Teas for Healthy Skin

There’s nothing better than a warm beverage on a cold winter’s day. Herbal tea is soothing and refreshing without the caffeine that comes with coffee and black teas. Now don’t get me wrong. Caffeine is an essential part of our morning ritual. Without it, we’d still be in bed. But if we drank a caffeinated beverage every time we got chilled during the winter months, we’d be so wired that we wouldn’t be able to sleep until summer rolled around. Herbal tea is a fantastic alternative to those coffees. But there’s a great benefit of drinking herbal teas is using herbal teas for healthy skin. Herbal teas can also be a great way to get a healthy dose of all sorts of vitamins and minerals.

Herbal teas aren’t really made from tea. The French have a word that describes what it is a little better. The word is tisane, which is an infusion of leaves, seeds, roots or bark steeped in hot water. When you drink a tisane, you get the nutritional benefits of the plants used in the blend. And consuming a tisane is certainly more fun that taking a vitamin. The aroma of the blend, the calming nature of tisane and the fact that you can share this experience with friends makes using herbal teas for healthy skin a great idea to work in to any daily skin maintenance program.

Many people treat their skin from the outside by using moisturizers, cleansers and other various skincare products. Drinking herbal teas for healthy skin are actually a great way to treat your skin from the inside. The antioxidants and nutrients contained in herbal teas can actually address the root of many skin issues by aiding the body’s process of removing toxins. This allows the skin to  heal itself and clear itself naturally.

It’s best to steep your tisane for much longer than you would a regular tea. You can leave your tisane to steep for 10 to 15 minutes to get all of the nutritional benefits from the blend. And, it is highly recommended to steep your tisane in a covered pot. This keeps the essential oils contained in the tisane. Otherwise, the oils can evaporate. Your room will smell nice, but you’ll lose some of the benefits of your herbal tea for healthy skin.

Another added benefit of consuming herbal teas for healthy skin is that you’re actually hydrating your body. In the winter months, we tend to exercise less and sometimes we are less mindful of our water consumption. Drinking plenty of liquids keeps your skin healthy and supple. Water moisturizes your skin from the inside out. And a tisane is a great way to beef up your water intake any time of the year. And, you’ll get a healthy dose of antioxidants served up with your water intake. What could be better than that?

So what are some of the best herbs to try if you want to set up a regimen of drinking herbal teas for healthy skin? Here are five of our favorite herbs:


Rooibos, otherwise known as “Red Tea”, is a bush native to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. Rooibos is loaded with antioxidants and minerals. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and studies have indicated that these antioxidants may also neutralize free radicals that can cause fine lines and wrinkles.


Chamomile, a small white flower that is related to the daisy, also has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile can help to improve digestive health, which is often times a culprit of many skin irritations. Chamomile also has anti-bacterial properties and can also nourish and moisturize your skin from deep within.


Hibiscus is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), which have been known to exfoliate the skin and encourage new skin cell growth, increase skin moisture and improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.  Hibiscus petals are also loaded with antioxidants, which can protect the skin from free radical damage, and anti-inflammatories that can help sooth inflamed skin.


Blueberry, along with Acai, has one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any food. Blueberries are also loaded with amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins. Blueberry has been used to help in the healing of the skin since ancient times, and modern clinics are using blueberries blended with other extracts to reduce the healing time after invasive skin procedures, reducing scarring and burn treatment.


Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, cranberry has been used in treating oral maladies. Cranberry can also aid the body’s natural detox process, which flushes many of the toxins that can mar the skins appearance.

Asbury Apothecary has a range of herbal teas that contain blends of our favorite herbs. Drinking herbal teas for healthy skin has never been easier! Our blends come in both loose leaf and in sachets.

Our Blueberry Acai Antioxidant Herbal Tea is blends the superfoods blueberry and acai with rooibos.

Our Cranberry Hibiscus Antioxidant Herbal Tea combines cranberries and hibiscus petals with rooibos, elderberries and black currants.

Our lushious Organic Camomile and Lemongrass Tea Of Tranquility is a lovely blend of camomile, lemongrass, hibiscus petals, orange peel, fennel and cardamom.