How To Shave – Simple Ways to Get the Best Shave

Shaving is one of those rituals that many of us do on a regular basis. Shaving is a convenient method of hair removal for both men and women. There are multiple areas on the skin that can be shaved, and a slew of instruments and products that can be used. Many of us do it, but not everyone knows how to shave.

The right shaving techniques, quality shaving products and post-shaving skincare can help men and women look and feel both clean and fresh. If you know how to shave, then you can turn this chore into a pleasurable morning ritual.

If you want the best shave, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the right razor. There are many razors available that you can use when shaving but make sure that you choose the one with added precision. Don’t skimp on cost. Cheap razors can wreak havoc on your skin.
  • Do the necessary pre-shave routine. Wash the face or any particular area that you wanted to shave. Use a high-quality cleanser, such as Asbury Apothecary’s Facial Cleanser from the Vitamin C Antioxidant line. Apply a high-quality shave cream, such as Asbury Apothecary’s Moisturizing Shave Cream.
  • Hold the razor correctly. Depending on the type of razor you are using, there are ways you need to follow as to how you should hold a razor the proper way. If you hold the razor properly, then you can expect a smooth shave. Applying much pressure when shaving is not recommended, since this can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Shave in the right direction. During first pass, try to shave with grain. This means you need to shave downward, in the direction that your hair grows. If you’d like an even closer shave, then shave against grain or shave in the opposite direction that your hair grows.
  • Shave the face or any desired area until smooth. It takes several passes to capture all the hair on the small perforations of the razor head. It pays to be patient when going over a particular area. You also need to keep in mind that it is not right to put excessive pressure on the razor when shaving.
  • Do the post-shave routine. Wash you face with facial scrub and clean and warm water. Washing the face after shaving helps to slough all dead skin that may have accumulated within the shave. Rinse the face with clean and cold water because this helps in soothing the newly-cut mug. Pat dry and then moisturize. Asbury Apothecary has a Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cream that does the trick.
  • Rinse and clean your blade after use. Remove any build up or hair that has accumulated during the shaving process. This helps eliminate minerals and contaminants in the water that dry into the blades and makes it blunt. And who wants to shave with a blunt razor?

Some men and women just shave for the purpose of shaving. They do not realize that it is highly imperative to follow the guidelines on how to shave correctly. Shaving is an essential hygienic activity that needs to be done with precision and adaptation of proper procedures. Proper precaution should also be considered if you have acne and you are planning to shave. There are necessary techniques to follow when shaving so that you acne will not get worse. We’ll talk about that in another post. Shaving is something that is done on regular basis, and both men and women are educated on how to shave the correct way. Your skin will thank you.